On November 22, 2013 (Philippines time), me, my sister and my mom started our mini vacation!

With a quick flight to Manila from Davao, our trip started! The flight to San Francisco was surprisingly quick. I just watched the X-Men: First Class movie (and slept for most of the 13 hour flight).

And then! It was San Francisco! We arrived at the night of November 22, 2013 (time travelling, baby!) so we were all kind of beat… We were shuttled to the hotel from the airport and there we were. Right smack in the heart of the shopping district.

I should have known. My ninang sure knows how to pick a spot.


Hotel Union Square! It’s not a big hotel but I like it. It’s decent. Pretty clean, and pretty cozy. I think it’s supposed to be an artsy type of hotel.


The halls are pretty cramped. From what I can remember, it’s as wide as two of the luggages I carried. Maybe around three people side by side. It’s also pretty dark.

The rooms aren’t as big either. Not too much room to move around but it’s do-able.

This is one half of the room:


And this is the other half (ft. sister and mom):


That’s it. Enough about the rooms. I’ll show you more of it on the second day post!

We didn’t really do much on the first night except walk up and down the hotel’s street and eat Thai food (which I’ll be featuring in my food blog instead of here).

Here are some of the photos I took that night. I was pretty tired and it was pretty cold… so… only a few photos. .__.


Spot Uniqlo!


So lucky to have Walgreens just in front of our hotel!


Sister wanted to try this out. No, I said. Just, no.


Ah, San Francisco’s famous cable car! I got so excited when I saw it running past our hotel! This car travels the Powell-Hyde line, one of the three lines operating in Frisco.

After dinner, we all went to Walgreens to buy water and breakfast for the next day. I took a little detour through Starbucks where my unforgettable “Kids Temp” episode happened.

That’s it for my first night in San Francisco! If you wanna read about my “Kids Temp” story, just read on! As for Day 2, it’ll be up soon!

My Kids Temp Story

So, after dinner, everyone in our group went to Walgreens while I decided I needed a warm cup of coffee to battle the cold.

At Starbucks:

Cashier: Hi, how are you?

Me: Hi, I’m good. (said very unnaturally)

Cashier: What’ll you have tonight?

Me: Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Cashier: Okay.

Me: *really small voice* Can I have it warm, please…?

Cashier: *confused look* Yeah… It will be hot.

Me: No, I mean… warm.

Cashier: You want it hotter?

Me: No, less…

Cashier: *confused* Oh! You mean you want it less hot? I’m sorry. Yeah, sure.

Me: *silent nodding*

Cashier: Kid’s temp?

Me: Umm… Dennis…? *I swear I thought I heard ‘name?’*

Cashier: No, I mean… did you want your drink to be kid’s temp?

Me: *brain struggles for a bit then I finally get it* Oh, yeah. Yes, please.

—embarrassing coffee ordering ordeal finished—

Me: *waiting for my drink*

Service Guy: *shouting* PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE! KIDS TEMP!!!

Me: *gets my drink and dies of shame for all eternity*


Here’s a link to the next post in this series!

Pier 39, San Francisco (Day 2, Part 1)

Golden Gate Bridge (Day 2, Part 2)

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