My mom told me that, since we were visiting Las Vegas, we should see the Grand Canyon. It’s a few hours drive away from the city so we could take one whole day to go and visit and come back.

First stop we had was overlooking Lake Mead. The sky was so blue, the lake was also very blue, the sun high and the wind strong. Perfect weather for a trip. Although, honestly, all I did was sleep in the back of the car. We were all too full from our parisian buffet breakfast.



Some more traveling and we get to our next stop. This stop, I love. It was so… I don’t know… American.


Angry expression courtesy of the sun’s rays. *bow*

We were at Route 66 in Arizona! There were boutiques on both sides of the road. The place looked a little bit deserted because no one was out and about except me and my companions.



What’d I tell you about it being sunny? But it was cold. LOL

Anyways, one boutique caught our eyes and so we decided to go take a look while the car was getting gas and the others took a bathroom break.

I found the largest Coca Cola paraphernalia I’ve ever seen!


I wanna buy one! Or two… or all!

Somewhere down the road we saw a restaurant that used to be an old fashioned gas station. They kept the old gas… tank things… I don’t know what they’re called… It’s pretty cool to see these blast-from-the-past gas things. LOL



Is using the term hipster appropriate for this? Hmm.

So, anyways, after some ice cream and pizza for lunch it was straight back to the road. A few more hours and we finally reached our destination!


The Grand Canyon!

It wasn’t as… photogenic… as I was hoping it to be… So I don’t have too many photos of it… It was also really, VERY cold and really, VERY windy. I was just waiting for my ears to fall off my head. I couldn’t get my hands out of my jacket pocket! But whatever weather condition, we never fail to get selfies.


Le pardon the edit. I blame the cold, the 5 hour-ish sleep in the car, and my face for being uncooperative. LOL


Yeah, whatever. Pssh. I still blame the cold… and the pizza for those cheeks.

So, anyways, we walked along the edge of the canyon in the cold, trying to reach the (warm, warm) bathroom. It was probably a 15 minute walk and it wasn’t as enjoyable… maybe if it wasn’t too cold…

Anyways, cheers to me for seeing one of the great wonders of the world!


Ah, that wonderful horizon… Maybe I can hike down the canyon next time. But definitely planning to visit again at a different time of the year!

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