Last Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014, I was invited to a very unique birthday celebration via the Davao Bloggers.

It was Mabuhay’s first hatch day! Yep, hatch day! Mabuhay is the name of the first chick of Pag-asa (father), the first Philippine Eagle that was bred in captivity, and Kalinawan (mother), a rescued eagle from Zamboanga del Sur. This makes our little Mabuhay the first of the second generation of eagles bred and hatched in captivity!

We were whisked away to the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos by our host and event coordinator, Ms. Beauxy Auxtero, early that Sunday. I, personally, have never been to the Philippine Eagle Center so this was a very good first time to visit!image



Nice to be surrounded by nature again. The Center was a beautiful place.

Once we were in the Center, we joined a group for a little presentation that educated us on what the Philippine Eagle Center did, such as captive breeding programs and rehabilitating injured eagles recovered from the wild.

During the presentation, we met some of the Center’s residents!


Big Foot, a White-breasted Sea Eagle


Alex, a Kite. He’s a victim of hunting and his left wing had to be amputated.


Choco, an owl.


Amor, a Philippine Hawk Eagle. Was really noisy! Haha


Here’s Alex with our speaker!

After the presentation, we all gathered around to sing the birth hatchday celebrant a hatchday song!



We had the little kids blow out Mabuhay’s candle for her since she couldn’t be out with us. We never actually saw the celebrant aside from videos of her younger and current self.

We all had lunch at the Center and then went around to tour the place. We saw that the Center was also home to other species of animals that were rescued after being subjected to different kinds of injuries.

It was a special day and a special experience! I am thankful to have been given the chance to participate and to learn about the Philippine Eagles. 


Official Hatch Mate!!!


The last eagle we saw during the tour. Scout Binay. Guess who “owns” him? 😀

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