A few weeks back, I opened up to a friend of mine about something that was on my mind. When I was done, he told me, “Tsk, sayang lang loyalty mo.” That got me thinking. If I have to be “loyal” to someone, why not to myself?

So I spent a weekend with people who make me feel happy and loved, instead of in front of a screen, and it was a blast!

First stop for my Selfie Love Weekend was to have lunch at one of the best restaurants in Davao!


Lachiiiiii’s!!! I haven’t been here in forever!!! When I walked in, I was greeted by a totally different design and layout!! They’ve expanded and renovated and changed style! I like their new style! Haha!


I only brought my 50mm lens with me so… it was kind of difficult to take location shots. .___. BUT! The main star in this section of the post is the food!! When I went to check the fridge where they kept their signature desserts I saw my long, lost love.


Their Luscious Mud Pie! It’s been sooooooo long!!! Sadly, I didn’t get my own slice because two of my companions already ordered it. I ordered a different one so we’d have a bit of variety to our desserts! Speaking of companions, here are our individual shots (while pigging out!)


Here’s me enjoying my cake order!! Dat face lol


Here’s my sister with an “I’ll feed you!” pose! LOL


Here’s my other sister, obviously happy with her plate of Luscious Mud Pie!


And here’s my friend Haydara who is obviously… umm… checking out her plate of Luscious Mud Pie. LOL


Here’s a photo of my keyki and a polaroid photo of me and my keyki~~ It’s a creme brulee cake!! Would have tasted better if the top was torched a bit more but it still tasted good!

The next stop for my Selfie Love Weekend was at a friend’s house for a 3DS Meet Up! I finally got my pokemon team from Jericho. LOL So what we basically did was play pokemon and eat chips for nine hours straight! The pokemon battles were hilarious because we decided to have a metronome battle (random attacks only). So you can only imagine the reactions (and the noise) we made during the whole tournament!

Again, I brought the wrong lens, so these were the only shots I got to take during that day. Super close group shots via timer! Meet (some of) the 3DS Davao members!


The first shot, I hurt myself running towards the group after pressing the shutter button. I looked too happy and pink (and some people didn’t really get to look at the camera) so we did a retake!


This second shot… I didn’t know I had pressed the button so… I’m not there… but some of the others still posed for the photo. XD


And here’s the winning (and final) shot! Everyone’s looking at the camera and all smiles~ *cough* And I don’t look too happy or too pink! *cough*

Special thanks to the Cruz sisters (the only females in the photos) for welcoming us to their house!! It was awesome!! 😀

So, that was the end of my Selfie Love Weekend! I had tons of fun with tons of people!! I can’t wait to do something like this again!!

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