One night, as I was driving home, I passed by a little cafe that stood out on an otherwise dark street. Curious, I slowed down as I drove by and saw two small dogs by the glass door, looking out onto the street. The sign above read “Mini Air Dog Cafe”. The dogs’ little heads followed my car as I passed and I made a promise to myself that I’d visit that place.

Two Saturdays ago, I kept that promise and brought my sisters, Ate Neng, and our dog Zoey to the cafe. We were greeted by three small, white dogs, barking their welcome to us, and LOTS and LOTS of Rilakkuma stuffed toys. I’m not even kidding.



What’d I tell yah??

I think Zoey was as excited as I, and my sisters, was because we were all over the three dogs once we got in. The owner approached us and handed out cute little dog-themed menus and I noticed she wasn’t Filipina and I had to ask, “Are you Korean?” She smiles and says yes. Later on, her husband comes in and, to my surprise, he’s a Filipino who spoke fluent Korean! 

Wow. Cute cafe, with cute dogs and Korean owners?? Definitely my new hangout place.

I later learned the dogs’ names while waiting for our food. (They serve food for both people and doggies. Hehe)


This is Pooch (I’m not so sure this is how it’s spelled. .___. Or if I heard her name right.) Anyways, she’s a she and she’s pregnant!! More puppies coming soon!!!


This is Mini! I think the store is named after him! He’s 6 years old (if I remember correctly) and he knows a lot of tricks! And guess what? He only listens to Korean commands!! How cool is that? He is adorable! He also remembered me when I visited the second time. I say this ‘coz he always comes up to me and lies down beside me. (Or maybe he does that with every other customer… but still, I’d like to think he remembers me.)


And rounding up Mini Air Cafe’s three doggies is the youngest, Agong! His name is Korean for Crocodile (ag-eo?). He is the rowdiest of the three, probably because he’s the youngest. He is just a bundle of joy and energy! He barks a lot but once you carry him, he just goes all silent and adorable. HAHA!

I know, being a food blogger, I should be focusing on the food the cafe serves but… these little guys just won me over and I plan on visiting them every weekend if I can! I promise to feature Mini Air’s food soon! They have plans of serving meals soon so I’ll wait for that before I do the food feature!

Anyways, the first time I went, I didn’t bring my camera so all the photos here are from my second visit. I was accompanied byyyyy…..


Le muse, Carmen. (You like that, don’tcha? HAHA)

So, anyways, I’ll end this here for now. And, oh, what kind of blog post would this be if I didn’t post a selfie???


At least it’s far away. Hohoho~ ‘Til the next post and the food feature for Mini Air Cafe!!! And, oh, did you know? They’re Davao’s first ever dog-friendly cafe! You can find them at Mabini Corner, Avancena Street, Davao City. For more info on Mini Air, head on over and like their facebook page! Visit them and show the owners and the doggies some love!!

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