Two weekends ago, I had my last lunch with my good friend Carmen who came back after around 11 months in New Zealand. She’s back there now, doing her New Zealand-y stuff.

I will miss her, that’s for sure. And I am waiting for when she will come back. (You read this, Carmen? You’re coming back.)

So, for lunch we went to The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge. She was so excited when I drove the car up the Camellia North Point drive way. We’ve always wanted to dine there but never got the chance. I made her wish come true for our last lunch together.


Here are photos of the food we ordered that Sunday!


A Three-Mushroom Pasta (that, unfortunately, only had two kinds of mushrooms). Carmen got this dish and gave the ‘okay’ even if the waiter informed her it wasn’t available because the third mushroom was out of stock. Tasted good, nonetheless.


A salad for Connie. She had the biggest plate. LOL


Me and my sister had the most amazing steak with the most AMAZINGESTEST bed of rice I have ever tasted in my entire life. I think I would have paid for a whole plate of that yellow deliciousness.


And a very cute dessert to end our meal!

During the lunch, we head out to the back of The White House for a mini photo shoot.


Awesome location, yes?


Here’s a heavily edited photo of me, Carmen and Connie. The photo was blurry and all the other shots were, too. So… heavy edit. .___. Hope it looks vintagey…. or something.


And here’s a photo of me and my sister. It’s also slightly blurred so… a bit of editing. .__.

And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without a photo of me (alone). LOL.


My sister took this photo and I did the editing. Pretty awesome, yeah?

Anyways, yeah. This was the last time I ate with Carmen and am looking forward to eating with her again, be it in Davao, New Zealand, or anywhere else in the world.

I’m waiting, Carmen. 😀

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