Okay, so I haven’t been updating my blog lately because, well, for the past two weeks I’ve just been so immersed in Monster Hunter again. Last time I played this was back in college. We used PSPs back then and we would play every day. In-between classes, lunch breaks, siesta, after class, even during class hours (that meant we didn’t go to the class….). 

Anyways, 3DS has its own version now and I’ve convinced some of my friends to play again and I also met new friends because of it! 

So, basically, the past two weeks I’ve just been with my DS and with friends on the weekends. Last weekend we played 14 hours of Monster Hunter…. .___. It was all mostly “Rafalos” (my new friend Rafael) tanking us to get us to higher ranks. Since I can’t see them during the weekdays, I do solo quests. I’m getting the hang of it. 

Last week we raided Krispy Kreme and CBTL the week before. 

Wowie, Jericho, Enzo and I all got to HR4 thanks to Rafalos. Haha! But I’ll get better and stronger!! XD

Also, I need to blog some more. Ugh. Temptations!!!

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