My body is glistening under the light right now as it is covered in oil. I feel so relaxed and weak and sleepy after that massage I just had. Haven’t had one in a while and it feels so good to have the muscles worked like that. Favourite part was when my head was being massaged. Having the scalp and the ears worked like that… pure bliss. Also liked when I was being massaged in the butt area. LOL. It feels good, okay?

Anyways, I start this off with a talk about my massage because some people might just need a little reminder to get one soon!

Lava Cakes

Yesterday I visited my favourite (and only) Dog Cafe in Davao, Mini Air! I got there late but they stayed open and accommodated me even though it was their closing time. Now I feel bad… lol But anyways, while there, the owners Rommel and Ah Ran were dishing out their scrumptious lava cakes! Rommel even served a very well plated one! It was a good thing I brought my camera with me!

Pretty, isn’t it? Too bad I was too engrossed with the nest thingy that I forgot to focus on the actual lava cake… You can see some of it though… under the ice cream…

Anyways, the lava cake tastes as good as this plate looks! I can’t waaiiit to feature their cafe in my food blog. Speaking of my food blog (is this still considered a segue??), please check it out if you haven’t yet by click the word “here”.

Getting Married

No, no, no. I’m not getting married. What a scary thought…

Yesterday, I attended my friend Alvin’s bachelor party. It was a little get together dinner with some of my high school friends, a few church friends and his big bro at Outback Grill.

Time sure flies. It feels like only yesterday we were in high school and sitting down outside the library building talking about anything and everything under the sun. He reminded yesterday about “the book” and how I haven’t given it to him yet. I wondered what book he was talking about… then he told me it was the ‘RF’ book I wrote back in high school. Aaaah, memories. .__. It was a fantasy book I wrote about our ‘barkada’ having powers and that we were destined to save the world from a great evil. All the characters were my high school batch mates but the main stars were my friends. I actually don’t know where it is now… I vaguely remember lending it to a friend… but now I can’t remember who. Maybe I can revive the story? But anyways…

Alvin’s gone from ‘mind power-wielding’ gamer teen to soon-to-be husband (and maybe father? hohoho). Time flies, time flies.

To Alvin:

Tomorrow’s your wedding day. Though I won’t be there to see it happen and to congratulate you and wish you well in person, I want you to know that I do congratulate you and wish you and your wife all the happiness in the world. Hopefully I get to spend more time with you in the future. Maybe even play some games or watch a future marvel movie with you. Or maybe during one of our future meets, I’ll be giving you a new version of the ‘RF’ story… of giving it to your son/daughter. Who knows, right?

But for now, I wish you all the best and all the happiness and the best wedding tomorrow!

Advanced congratulations!! Expect my text tomorrow! Haha!! Cheers!!!

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