For this year’s birthday, I invited some of my close friends to dine out with me at a newly opened shawarma place (that also opened during my birthday)! They’ve loved the shawarma the store served during their run at a recent trade fair so I decided it was perfect to have the little get together there. Plus, I could blog about them!

It was a very fun birthday dinner. Courtesy of Haydara’s sloppy way of eating a shawarma. It will forever be remembered (because I took a video of it).

I, unfortunately, forgot to take photos of us while we were there… BUT, I did take photos of the gifts they brought me! Such sweet people! 😀


There’s:  a “DORK!shirt from Haydara, a set of fine-point colored pens from Zhel, a purple/lilac sharpie from Shiriel, a box of washi tapes from Japan, a water tumbler, keychain and cookie from Ma’am Cha. 

Just to emphasize, the tumbler, keychain and cookie all had FoodZeen’s logo on them! Plus, the cookie was HUGE.


Gave me ideas for future giveaways. LOL. Maybe when I’m less lazy with my food blog…

Anyways~ It was a fun night and I just want to thank the people who came. You know who you are! Thank you! ^^

After our little dinner, I went to a friend’s own party. We have the same birthday and we’ve celebrated our birthdays together the past few years… just this year I thought they were celebrating it on a Friday so I said I couldn’t go and made plans for my own little get together. Turns out they moved it to the same night as mine and I couldn’t cancel mine anymore…


It was nice seeing all my friends again and hanging out with them. Long table photo with the Duru-Duru Gang!


The fun night got even more fun as we spent the rest of it talking about… stuff…. plus, I got to ride a bike with a basket! At night! On the streets!

My legs burned afterwards~~~

A birthday to remember. ^^ Thanks to everyone who greeted me and gave me gifts!!! 😀 I appreciate them all soooo much!! I feel so loved~ LOL~ 

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