On July 29 to 31, SM Lanang Premiere hosted a Japan Cultural Weekend event where a friend of mine bust out his collection of gorgeous authentic Kimonos for everyone to look at! But that’s not all! He was kind enough to let people try some of them on for free!

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Wearing my men’s kimono with the proud collection owner, Miggy!

Miguel Acuña, a 20 year old graduate of Hospitality Management, has been collecting kimonos since he was 12 years old. He started out by collecting Hand Fans that were given to him as pasalubong. He then gradually started collecting kimonos after watching Kabuki online. He found their stage kimonos very detailed and that each and every one had their own meanings. Not long after, he was introduced to the Geisha and Maiko of Japan. And just like that, 8 years after, he’s grown his collection of kimonos to more or less 50 unique pieces! This enthusiast has got the dedication, that’s for sure!

The proud collection owner had a few pieces on display at the atrium of SM Lanang Premiere. A mix of all kinds of kimonos such as uchikake, homongi, , iromuji, yukata, and men’s kimono.

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Some of the pieces on display.


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Beautiful feather stole on this one!
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
The centerpiece. A majestic white kimono for brides.
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An elegant piece of black and gold.
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A beautiful, vibrant looking kimono. The owner sewed on the design by himself!

Of course, we didn’t pass up the chance to try on the pieces there!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
My friend, Eliza, wearing a bright green kimono paired with a red obi (sash).

Miggy gave me a little extra to wear for my piece!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
On me: inner wear, red men’s kimonohaori (jacket/coat), and hakama (pants).

It felt awesome to be wearing a semi-formal attire like that. To be honest, it was a bit heavy and hot. But I’m sure if I lost my jeans and my shirt, it would have been fine.

It was so much fun getting to try on traditional Japanese wear with friends! If you guys are interested to buy your very own set or rent one out to an event, feel free to contact Miggy via his facebook page, Kimono Davao. Like the page for updates! Also, he’s very much willing to help you choose the right piece for your event so don’t hesitate to reach out to him!

Congratulations on the very successful exhibit, Migs! Until your next one!

Photos taken using my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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