Davao has been giving birth to new cafés and restaurants left and right that it’s sometimes difficult to decide which one to try out first. My friend suggested we try a new restaurant called Out of Nowhere Kitchen.

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It is located, quite literally, out of nowhere. Tucked into the side of a small road, it’s virtually impossible to be a ‘walk-in’ customer unless you live in the immediate area. I arrive early and find out that the restaurant’s owner is none other than my friend, Teddy! He tells me about his new venture and hooked me up with a table while I waited for my companions.

The restaurant has indoor and outdoor dining setups. The outdoor tables are very eye-catching with paintings of cartoon pandas and tigers, and the colourful mural of the restaurant’s name is very instagrammable, to say the least.

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Don’t forget to take a photo with this wall!

You’ll fall in love with the rustic style setup as soon as you enter the indoor dining area. A mix of browns and greens from the wooden tables and the posts covered in faux grass will soothe just about anyone! Plus, there’s a lot to see on the walls such as framed inspirational words and paintings! Don’t forget to visit the bathroom because it contained my most favourite paintings yet!

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Time to talk about what you’re really here to learn about: their food. Take note that they don’t serve pork here. We ordered one appetizer, one soup, three different mains, and 3 jars of their signature Apple Lychee Iced Tea (which is served in a large jar, but oh so worth it).

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Grilled Beef Ribs (P270) was my order because meat is life, obviously. Most restaurants offer pork ribs but since they don’t serve pork here, beef is a very welcome substitute. The meat was fall-off-the-bones tender and their special beef sauce goes perfectly with the ribs and the rice. This was an instant favourite for me. I highly recommend getting this when you visit.

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If you’re not a beef person, no worries, their Carribean Style Grilled Chicken Thigh (P180) is also a crowd pleaser! This dish is pure tender and juicy boneless (!!!) chicken thigh, seasoned and grilled to perfection. Add a whole other dimension of flavour by dipping the chicken into their special salsa verde, which comes with the dish, along with a side of potato and apple salad. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Other meals you can have are Asian Grilled Chicken Thigh (P180)Shrimp Gambas (P160)Seared Trio Maki (P230)Seafood Chowder (P170), and Chicken or Beef Enchilladas (P250/260), to name a few.

Don’t leave just yet because they also offer desserts! I only got to try one when I visited but it was enough to make me want to come back for more!

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This little dome is a best seller. The chocolate dome houses a smooth and creamy pistachio flavoured center that left me wanting for more! Too bad I was already too full to order another one.

Check out their facebook page for more info and more photos. See you at the Out Of Nowhere Kitchen soon!

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