It’s been a while since I got back from my Singapore trip and my memory isn’t as good as I hoped it would be. Thanks to Melbin, Mike, and Jo (and the internet) for helping me jog my memory!

Travel back to Singapore with me via this little food photo diary! All photos taken by my Samsung Note 4 and edited in VSCO.

126 Eating House

My first memorable meal was brunch at 126 Eating House located at 126 Sims Avenue. This quaint place serves original Hong Kong road style dimsum, and they are open 24 hours! I can’t comment on the price because everything is expensive for me in Singapore (when converted to PHP), but expect each order to range from $2 – $5 on average.

We ordered A LOT of food for brunch that morning. Pork Ribs, King Size Siew Mai, Soft Shell Crab,  Chicken Feet, and Hakao to name a few. What won me over, however, was their Lime Juice.

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Served in a humble plastic bowl, the juice is accompanied by kiam moy (dried plum candy). It doesn’t look too appealing (no matter what angle I took the photo at) but it tasted refreshing! Another bowl, please!

Their humble Chili Crab with Fried Mantou was delicious. It’s a far cry from a full blown chili crab dish as this one is basically just sauce and some crab meat but it still satisfies.

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Another favourite  of mine was this basket of Sweet Corn Buns. I’m a sucker for sweets and this one pleased my palate. Corn may not be for everybody but if you love the flavour, you’ll enjoy these steamed buns!

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New Ubin Seafood & Steak

For dinner that day, our friend from Singapore *ehem Melbin* brought us to New Ubin Seafood & Steak. The restaurant is famous for their seafood dishes, such as crab and lobster, but as I am not a huge fan of crab, I wasn’t all that excited, until I saw that they also served steak. The place was pretty laid back and is an ideal place to eat out with family or a big group of friends.

The Chili Crab we ordered this time around was the real deal. The serving was plentiful and it was accompanied by fried mantou. The sauce was delicious and I actually got to try some of the crab (after much persuading on Melbin’s part). We also got  Salted Egg Crab and their Boss Bee Hoon.

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And of course, I made sure we didn’t miss the US Black Angus Ribeye Steak which, if coupled with their Heart Attack Fried Rice (fried rice cooked with beef drippings and fats) will blow your mind. The bite-sized pieces makes it easy to eat with chopsticks.

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Another dish we tried at the restaurant was their Foie Gras Egg Special. It’s basically a poached egg and foie gras in a cup. Very straight forward. My friends loved it, saying it was ‘surprisingly good’. I didn’t care much for it, though. Maybe foie gras just isn’t my cup of tea.

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Prepare your wallet though because this joint ain’t cheap! But rest assured, you are getting your money’s worth, specially if you love crabs!

Cheng’s @ 27, Hainanese Home Cooked Cuisine

Cheng’s is a family-run restaurant in Tiong Bahru (27 Yong Siak Street, to be exact) that serves home cooked Hainanese dishes. Every visit to Cheng’s always left me happy and full. Yes, we ate here quite a few times. The owners made us feel right at home even during our first visit. Mr. Cheng (I think that’s what his name is) even came up to our table for some idle chat. He’s Pro-Duterte and he asked us to tell the President to visit his restaurant if he ever goes to Singapore! We’re still working on it, Uncle!

Our go-to dish is the Crispy Porkchop Curry Rice. It’s got the rice, it’s got the meat, and it’s got the sauce. Order a drink to go with it and you’re all set!

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But don’t miss out on these awesome dishes as well! The Crispy Chicken with Ginger (S$30) is a must-try and is one of my favourites from Cheng’s. Thinly sliced chicken breast, cooked just enough to make it crisp, and then tossed in a sweet black vinegar sauce. It is divine!

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And finally, the Steamed Pork Belly with Black Vinegar (S$30). Steamed tender pork belly served in the same black vinegar base sauce with an extra kick of ginger and chilli. Perfection. You can’t not finish the whole plate.

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Cheng’s may be a bit pricey but you are guaranteed quality food packed with a lot of flavour!

Newton Hawker Center

Ah, the hawker center. Proudly Singapore! We were four days in on our trip and this is the first (and only) hawker center we’ve tried! With guidance from my friend, Tom, we had ourselves a proper hawker dinner at one of Singapore’s more famous hawker centers.

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The hawker center scene can be a little too much on a newbie. Too many stalls to choose from, too many signs to look at, too many decisions to make, so little money to spend! And it doesn’t help that most of the stall owners try to win you over while you’re walking around and looking for food to order. The unique atmosphere and the huge variety of food makes every meal something to remember.

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Thankfully, Tom did most of the ordering (without our knowing) so we all had some proper food on our table. I remember we had a harrowing day of non-stop walking around the city on this day and that we were all very hungry when we got to the hawker center, so I don’t have too many photos of the food but I did manage to take a few.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We had Chicken SatayGrilled Sting Ray with SambalShells, lots of Kang KongOyster OmeletteNoodlesFried Rice, more Crabs, and Tom and I had a bottle of beer each. I’m sorry this isn’t as informative as I’d like it to be, but most of us were really out of it that night. And I may have gotten drunk from that one bottle of beer…

Anyways, no matter what hawker center you get to try out in Singapore, it’ll definitely be an experience worth remembering. And be sure to be open minded and try out dishes you normally wouldn’t. I loved the sting ray, unexpectedly.

The Long Bar, Home of the Original Singapore Sling

One of the things my companions really wanted to try out was the Singapore Sling. The Singapore Sling is a gin-based cocktail from Singapore and was developed sometime before 1915. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

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As the sun was still high and I am not very keen on alcohol, I ordered the Virgin Sling (S$14) for myself. Tastes the same, minus the reddening of my face. My friends ordered the Original Singapore Sling (S$31) and the Sling 1887 (S$32). We had a side of Truffle Fries (S$18) and an unlimited supply of peanuts.

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Thoughts on the Original Singapore Sling:

Refreshing fruity drink with a tiny hint of alcohol. Perfect drink to cool down on a hot Singapore morning. -Mike Wang

Thoughts on the Sling 1887:

Every time I take a sip, I imagine Chuck Norris in trunks gliding up and down my throat where he leaves cherry scented farts in my mouth and roundhouse kicks my gut with the strength of a few exploding suns. -Jonathan Lao

Thoughts on the Virgin Sling:

Expensive fruit drink. -Dennis Li

Irvin’s Salted Egg 

Last but definitely not the least in this food diary is Irvin’s. These guys hit the jackpot with their salted egg goodies! They sell Salted Egg Potato Chips and Salted Egg Fish Skin, and their shelves are always sold out daily! We visited their stall in Vivo City only to find out that their potato chips were sold out. Luckily, there were still bags of Salted Egg Fish Skin left.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Even with the limit of 5 pouches per person, they still manage to get sold out! Since we could only buy the fish skin, that’s what we got. Most people say it’s better than the potato chips, so it was all good. A bag of Salted Egg Fish Skin goes for S$16. This is the large bag, not the snack size.

Be warned, though, it is dangerously addictive!

And that’s it for this little food diary! I hope you guys get to try these places out when you visit Singapore!

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