Hey, guys! As usual, I’ve just come out of yet another blogging slump. It’s this thing I do where I just disappear for a few months right after being so active. I didn’t come back empty handed, though! A lot has happened in the past couple of months that have really helped further my journey with calligraphy and because of this I would like to finally start blogging more about my calligraphy life (i.e., How To posts, Materials posts, Output posts, Tutorial videos, etc.)!

Before I get to any of that, though, I want to tell you guys more about my relationship with calligraphy! This is a Q-and-A post and all the questions below come from my friends both in and out of my calligraphy group! Let’s start!

Where did you first hear about calligraphy? by @michaeldongon

– I started calligraphy back in March 2015 and my first real experience with pointed pen calligraphy was during a workshop that La Bella Scriturra held in Davao. That would be my earliest memories with calligraphy. I guess I heard about the workshop from friends on social media and since I like writing, I decided to learn how to elevate it through taking a proper calligraphy workshop!

Of all hobbies, why calligraphy? What made you appreciate (inspired you to start) calligraphy? by @rege_89 (@michellemichelle_)

– Why calligraphy, indeed? In the previous question, I mentioned I love writing. I’ve kept journals for as long as I can remember and I also wrote a novel-to-be (never finished it) way back in high school manually (as in pen and paper). I guess when I saw all these beautiful written words on instagram, I jumped on the chance to start learning right away. It’s the elegance of the words on paper, and not on a computer screen, that lured me to calligraphy.

Pages from my Hobonichi

How much do you practice? by @kribymon

– Recently, I’ve been ‘practicing’ daily because I make entries in my hobonichi journal everyday. But if we’re talking about strict practice, as in drills and the like, then… every now and then. When I feel like it. Aah, whoever reads this and joins my future workshops, please don’t use this against me when I tell you to “Practice, practice, practice!” Haha!

What basic stuff did you start with when you were still learning calligraphy? And: How about the innovative stuff you’re using now that you think people should use more? by @the_imaginist

– I started learning via a workshop so all the starting materials were provided for. We were taught how to assemble our pen (nib + holder) and how to write with it. So, I guess the nibs, the holder, black Chinese ink, and papers were all in my starter kit! As for the innovative stuff, I would say Finetec Pearl Gold Watercolor for golden pointed pen calligraphy, and white broad Uniball Signo and various GellyRoll pens for brush pen and watercolor calligraphy. They’re not exactly ‘innovative’ but they definitely add attitude and take your calligraphy pieces to another level!

What are some of the materials you could recommend if you want to start out calligraphy? Should I start with pen and ink or use brush pens? by @gwensoria

– A lot of people ask me this, actually, and I always recommend starting with brush pens. Pointed pen calligraphy is a bit more demanding as compared to brush calligraphy but their basics and fundamentals are the same! I suggest joining a workshop if you are a real beginner because then you’re provided with everything you need to start with! Then you can experiment from there.

Combining different brush pens in one output

What are the tools you often use? What are your top 5 favourite materials? What’s your go-to brush pen brand? by @psyche.artist , @michellemichelle_ , and @louisemel0dy

– I bunched up these questions into one because they’re more or less the same. Haha! Right now, I am a huge fan of brush pens! They’re very easy to use, they come in a lot of colours, there are also fine and broad types, so the possibilities are endless with them! My go-to brush pen brands are Sakura’s Koi Coloring Brush Pens, Tombow Brush Pens, Pentel Fude Touch, and Zig Brushables! I really can’t just choose one brand! My top 5 favourite materials to use would be:

  1. Pentel Fude Touch Brush Pens
  2. Broad Brush Pens (Sakura, Zig, or Tombow)
  3. Fineliners (Uni or Micron)
  4. Watercolor and Water Brushes (Koi Watercolors and Prang Watercolors, Kuretake Water Brushes)
  5. Pointed Pens (They’ve gone to the bottom of the top 5 because I haven’t been practicing lately…)
Watercolor works

Who are the top 3 Filipino Calligraphers that you look up to and why? by @hannadeesigns

– Aah, there are so many talented Filipino calligraphers to choose from! Why do you do this to me??? But, I guess, from the top of my head, I would say Anina Rubio (@aninarubio) because I love her style of calligraphy. It’s very laid back but it captures your attention at the same time! Next would be Paola Esteron (@paola_koala) because those flourishes are to die for! And, lastly, Alexis Ventura (@inkscribbler). I am envious of her freestyle scripts! Plus, she does calligraphy for a living! That’s the dream!

That’s it for this Calligraphy related post! Here’s to hoping I don’t get into a slump again right after this one! Cheers, guys!

Listening to : Katawaredoki – RADWIMPS

Photos taken by : Samsung Galaxy Note4, Snapseed Edits



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