Davao has been a breeding ground for new food establishments, big and small, for the past year and I can’t keep up with it anymore! And new doesn’t always mean good. A lot of these new establishments are misses instead of hits. LaraMia, however, is a big hit for me!

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Simple yet elegant logo on a wooden sign.

I visited the Café and Bistro last week with a couple of friends. I was instantly drawn to the place, even while I was still parking. The warm yellow paint of the building’s exterior blended beautifully with the flora on the front lawn. Plus, the wooden embellishments in and around the café wraps everything up perfectly.

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Cute ‘Welcome’ sign shaped like a cutting board.
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Blackboard sign found at the outdoor dining area advertising relaxation and salpicao!

As soon as you enter the café you’ll find an array of their very own pastries and desserts! As inviting as they looked, we had to order lunch first!

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Cheesecakes, various pastries, fresh fruit juices, and milk and cookies all at their Dessert Bar
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Light pours in from the windows and sliding doors. Perfect for food photos, group photos, and selfies!

We decided to try one of every type of food from the menu: one pizza, one pasta, and one rice meal.

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Beef Salpicao (P200)

We got the Beef Salpicao for our rice dish. The beef tenderloin was tender and the sauce flavourful. It tastes different from the usual beef salpicao I’ve tried before. I would say it doesn’t taste like traditional salpicao but it’s still worth a try!

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Amore Pizza (P330)

For our pizza, we got Amore because February. Brick oven-baked pizza topped with sausage, bacon, ham, salami, and mozzarella. What attracted me to their pizza was the cheese. It didn’t melt the same way cheese melts on commercial pizza. It has a more curd-like texture that I looked very attractive to me. Trust me to be attracted to food during the love month! Anyways, their pizza looked good and tasted good!

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Truffle Cream Pasta (P280)

And, lastly, the most recommended dish from the café. Everyone I talked to about LaraMia never failed to mention the Truffle Cream Pasta, so it was only natural that we ordered it. This simple pasta dish was definitely our favourite! Even baby Jordan kept asking for more! The truffle seasoned sauce was satisfyingly creamy, and the forest mushrooms and parmesan cheese made this simple pasta dish my favourite! Do not skip out on ordering this when you visit LaraMia!

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Crème Brûlée Cheesecake (P140)

And for dessert, we raided the Dessert Bar! We picked out three; the Crème Brûlée cheesecake, Matcha cheesecake, and the Trianon. The cheesecake was soft and fluffy, giving almost zero resistance when you slice down on it. The Crème Brûlée was my pick and I liked how the caramel top cracked, just like how the original dessert would, as I sliced down with my fork.

Overall, LaraMia impressed me enough to make me want to go back for more! I urge everyone to try out this little yellow gem when you get the time!

Tip : Go out to the back of the café. There’s a little backyard area there where, I think, people can dine at as well. I found this while exploring!

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Yellow bike with a basket, yellow wall, creeping vines? Perfect!
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Of course we had our photo taken here!

You can find them at:

University Ave, Corner Talisay Street, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City

I can’t seem to embed the map from google maps but they’re fairly easy to find. They’re very near Philippine Women’s College!

Contact Number : 298-1789

Store Hours : Tuesdays to Sundays | Café – 11am to 9pm | Bistro – 11am to 2pm, 5pm – 9pm

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