Okay, so I’m going to try and post more about my calligraphy and art, and since I’m mostly doing daily entries on my hobonichi, I’ll start talking about select entries and the whats and hows of those entries! Hopefully by doing this it’ll exercise both my writing and my calligraphy skills! I also hope to impart some of the methods I use in calligraphy and my art and show people the tools I used to create my entries!

I’ll try not to make it too technical! My usual storytelling will still be here (because I really don’t know any other way of writing). I’ll add bits of information into the mix as well! Anyways, getting on with the post…

My cousins from The Big Apple came home to Davao for their vacation and they have been here for a month or so. I’ve gotten a few days off from work accompanying them to different Tagum destinations.

For my first day off, we went to Tagum’s E-Park [Energy Park]. It’s changed since the last time I’ve been there! There are proper walkways where people can stroll and bike on, so we spent around an hour biking around the spacious park.


For my second day off, I got to bring my cousins to Banana Beach, one of the main tourist spots near Tagum City. This was where I got to release my creative juices! There were no other groups in the resort, so we kind of had the whole place to ourselves. While my cousins enjoyed the resort’s Forest Tour, I whipped out my hobonichi and poured the contents of my pencil cases on the table. I also had my newest treasure, Abbey Sy‘s ABC Magazine. (Honestly, just having it near me helps my creative juices flow better!)

Poolside painting is soooo relaxing, specially when it’s a gloomy and windy day!

The first thing I did was doodle-paint mini bananas on the page. I’m not a very talented painter or draw-er. I can only paint and draw simple things so this layout was right up my alley. I painted the bananas using a water brush and PEERLESS Watercolor. I then added details on the bananas using a Pigma Micron with a 0.005 point tip.

Then I lightly pencil in the words I want to write and left space for where I plan to stick my Instax photo. Once that’s done, I do a bit of calligraphy on top of the light sketch, and voila!

The final output together with all the materials I used!

I made a few mistakes with the calligraphy (like the curve of the word beach) but overall I’m satisfied with the outcome. I added a yellow shadow to the words Banana Beach to give it a bit more pop.

Here’s a list of the materials I used:


Starting from the left of the photo going clockwise : PEERLESS Watercolor (cut up and pasted onto a folder), Pigma Micron 0.005 point, yellow Pentel TOUCHKuretake Water brushPigma Micron 0.04 point, Instax Mini 50S (I used the comic book theme film), black Koi Coloring Brush Pen, mechanical pencil.

And that’s it for this post! Okay, so this wasn’t as in-depth as I thought it would be… but I’ll try and do better ones in future posts!

If you want to get your own art supplies, then head on over to Crafty Lane’s website! And if you still don’t have an Instax camera, it’s time to browse for one!

‘Til the next Hobo Entry post!


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