The past few days, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking… and I’ve been hurting, one way or another… And then I remembered this form of art from the Japanese called Kintsugi. It’s basically the art of repairing broken pottery using lacquer mixed with powdered gold (or silver or platinum). I think it’s a beautiful practice! It’s the repair of a breakage but instead of trying to hide the cracks, kintsugi lets them shine, and the outcome is something totally different from the original but something more beautiful, something with a story to tell.

And it got me thinking about how I can apply kintsugi in my life, and how more people should know about this beautiful form of art! So, I did a simple page on kintsugi in my hobonichi!

Simple spread with lots of meaning.

This goes out to everyone who is hurting, who is in pain, who just went through a breakup, who has made a mistake and is thinking it’s the end of the world… It’s not. Yes, there’s a crack… yes, it feels like the pain will never go away… but there is a tomorrow and there is hope. Patch up your cracks and your breaks, line them with gold! And when you’re ready, go out and show the world how you’ve stood up after you stumbled… and shine on!

If you want to create your own kintsugi artwork, here’s a list of things I used to create mine!


Top to bottom : Finetec Pearl Arabic Gold Watercolor , Waterbrush , Pigma MICRON 0.005 point , Uni-Ball Signo Yellow.

You can use any watercolor for your base. I used a plain circle (the simpler the better, for me) and then painted on my cracks of gold using the Finetec Pearl Arabic Gold watercolor. I highly recommend getting yourself a pot of pearl gold watercolor. The things you can create with this glittering pot of gold is amazing!

I then created faux calligraphy of the word kintsugi using (my new favourite) Uni-Ball Signo yellow pen! This pen is heavenly! The colors are so vibrant and so opaque and the ink flows out of the pen very smoothly! To make the word pop, I added outlines using the 0.005 point Micron fine-liner! Et voila!

If you ever decide to create your own kintsugi artwork, let me know via the comments or tag me on instagram @stay.shoti !


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