If you’re an artist and are living in/visiting Davao City, don’t fret! Morning Light has got you covered!

Most of my calligrapher and artist friends know and love this local art gallery. Their first branch is a cozy shop where you can view original framed artworks and buy various art materials. It’s located at Garnet Street, Marfori Heights. Now, they’ve got a second branch that’s considerably more spacious than their first! Which is all good because that means their arsenal of fine art materials for sale has also doubled (or maybe even tripled)! This larger branch is located at Lim Building, Quirino Avenue, Davao City.

Just so the amount of materials available at the shop won’t shock you during your first visit, here are some photos from the Quirino Branch during my last visit!

There are large, round, wooden tables laden with tons of different art materials!

Pens, paper, and brushes for every kind of artist can be found in this heaven-sent shop!




Water brushes! An on-the-go artist’s best friend!



Write vibrant words or create fun and colourful script with these pens!


Grab your own posable mannequin for drawing references!

These are what caught my eye during my quick visit last week. There are tons more to find inside the shop such as calligraphy nibspearl water colorsacrylics, and even slimes! Take your time while browsing. I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll catch your eye! Also, take the time to check out the framed artworks around the shop and the bulletin board for workshops and exhibits by artists, both local and international.


Or if you just want to be surrounded by art, art, ART, feel free to visit any of their branches! The owner, Ma’am Miyen, and the staff are very accommodating, patient, and knowledgable about all of the items for sale! Don’t hesitate to ask!

See you there! Cheers!

All photos were taken using my new phone, the LG G6.

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