Along the Bukidnon-Davao road, like beads strung along a string, are numerous rest houses, mountain resorts, cafés, and restaurants. I had the opportunity to visit one of the restaurants along BuDa during our weekend getaway!


Wildberry Garden and Diner is a fun and quirky dining place that you can find right before you reach the quarantine area (if you’re coming from Davao). You won’t miss the weathervane with a cow on it and the colourful facade of Wildberry as you drive by.

As I entered the diner proper, it was a bit disorienting because of the various ornaments on the walls, cabinets, and tables. There were vintage signages, mugs, cups, artworks, decorative plates, figurines, and even old toys! It felt like I was inside an ancestral house where no one threw anything away, but I say this as a good thing. It was definitely a charming little touch!



Second Floor

We ordered quite a few things off their menu and each one of them did not disappoint! Most of us started lunch with a glass of fresh strawberry shake (P90).


I could instantly tell that this was made with fresh strawberries. Aside from the fact that there’s a nearby farm that grows strawberries, the overall taste of the drink was also very refreshing. I highly suggest getting a glass of this when you visit!

I got the Shotgun Willie Chili (P130-solo, P220-sharing), which is their version of chili con carne. As someone who isn’t a fan of spicy food, I was a bit hesitant, but the chili won me over!


I loved the harmony of beans, minced meat, corn, and spices! I removed the green sili, though. I guess lovers of spicy food can crush the chilli and mix it in, but it tastes really good even without it! You might end up ordering an extra serving of rice if you get this dish!

My friends ordered Tender Beef Ribs (P450), Bangus Sisig (P250), and Chicken Honey (P150/P250).


All of these dishes were delicious! I especially loved the Chicken Honey! Tender cuts of chicken slathered in honey sauce, perfection!

Don’t forget to try out their Baler Suman with Hot Choco (P125)! I didn’t get to try it but my friends say it’s exceptionally creamy! I’ll definitely try it out when I go back!


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