I know you’re wondering what TheShyPoLiCe is so let me get that out of the way for you. TheShyPoLiCe (read as The Shy Police) is a name my friend, Steph Po, and I gave ourselves when we started a photography project way back in 2013. We came up with it by combining our last names, Po and Li, and added ‘shy’ because we’re shy people, I guess. I don’t remember why we used police out of all the PoLi  words we could have used.

Our last project was a Color Diptych Project. We’d have a color assignment per month and we’d take one photo per week with that color. She would then edit both photos into a diptych, and that was it! Unfortunately, we didn’t finish one whole year… but we’re back again with a brand new Project Diptych!

This time around, we’re following a 52 Week Challenge to determine what our weekly topic/subject will be. We’ve just finished with January so let me show you our output for the month!

Week 1 : Looking Ahead (Left: Dennis, Right: Steph)


Week 2 : Textures (Left: Steph, Right: Dennis)


Week 3 : Colour Harmony (Left: Dennis, Right: Steph)


Week 4 : Quiet Moment (Left: Steph, Right: Dennis)


With me living in the Philippines and Steph living in Canada, it’s interesting to glimpse a view of what the other person’s daily life is like, or how it is on the other side of the world. It’s always a nice little surprise for me to see what Steph comes up with for any given topic! Hopefully we finish one whole year and maybe print these out!

To see our previous project, head on over to TheShyPoLiCe tumblr! Check out Steph’s blog as well! She’s got awesome travel photos and stories!


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