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Hiccup and Toothless Magnetic Bookmarks by IdleStuff

What are Magnetic Bookmarks?

Through the years, bookworms from all over the globe have used countless different bookmarks for their reading needs. Be it the regular rectangular bookmark, or an impromptu bookmark such as a receipt or a candy wrapper. And through the years people have created various types of bookmarks that are unique, crafty, and oh-so-cute! From woodmarks, metallic bookmarks, and magnetic bookmarks!

2019-08-31 11.11.38 1-01.jpeg
Book Dragon Magnetic Bookmark by IdleStuff

Magnetic bookmarks are cute, clever, and handy reading buddies that can help you up your page-saving game! They can be any design you want them to be and they’re super safe to use on books! All you have to do is snap them onto the page you want to save and voila! Good magnetic bookmarks won’t damage your book pages so there has been quite a lot of people opting to use magnetic bookmarks instead of regular bookmarks!

They do their page-saving job very well, and it’s always a nice surprise to see your book buddy whenever you open up your book again!

IdleStuff Magnetic Bookmarks

Now, I bet you’re wondering:

“Where can I get these adorable bookmarks!?”

Don’t worry! You can order your very own book buddy (or a set of them) from the Idlestuff website!

Idlestuff is a Mindanao based company selling high quality (and very cute) bookmarks, soy candles, and more! They ship locally and internationally, so don’t fret, you can get these adorable book buddies for yourself (as soon as you’ve decided which ones to buy)!

2019-08-31 11.07.03 1-01.jpeg
IdleStuff Magnetic Bookmark Hoard

They’ve got sets from your favourite books and fandoms, such as Six of CrowsAurora RisingThe Priory of the Orange TreeThe Mortal Instruments, and more! I’m sure there’s one or two that’s just right for you!

2019-09-01 12.53.19 1-01.jpeg
Six of Crows Magnetic Bookmarks by Idlestuff

Each magnetic bookmark is roughly P100 – P125 each ($2 – $2.5), depending on the design and size. They’re made with high quality materials and the cute designs are from very talented artists!

Grow your Dragon Hoard!

So, what’re you waiting for? Head on over to their website and start growing your dragon hoard of magnetic book buddies! I’ll even help you out! Here are bookstagrammers that are Idlestuff’s representatives (reps, for short). They have their own unique codes that will help lessen the burden of payment.

*cough* discountcodes *cough*




Or FOLLOW THIS LINK for automatic P250 OFF your first ever purchase!

Oh, and make sure to follow @idlestuff on instagram for news and updates!

Happy shopping, and enjoy your soon-to-be book buddies!! Cheers!

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