2019 is coming to a close and, somehow, the last day of the year always makes me feel more productive. It feels like I have a lot of unfinished business that I need to take care of right away or else I’ll be carrying it over to the new year. But if I think about it, it’s really just a date, a number; just another day in my life. How I wish I always thought of every day as the last day of the year! Maybe then I’ll be more productive!

For the end of 2019, I’ve decided to look back at the lessons I’ve learned and look forward to the future by using quotes I’ve come across through the books I’ve read this year. I’ll divide them into two categories so, if you want, you can just skip on over to the category you’d much rather read about.

Without further ado, let me begin by listing down my collected quotes:

🌤️On Life & Lessons🌧️

“You are not a fool, you are a fighter, and you deserve to be here. You deserve to take up space in this world.” – Felicity, Lady’s Guide to Petticoats & Piracy

“Your beauty is not a tax you are required to pay to take up space in this world.” – Felicity, Lady’s Guide to Petticoats & Piracy

“I’m learning there is no one way for life to be lived, no one way to be strong or brave or kind or good. Rather there are many people doing the best they can with the heart they are given and the hand they are dealt. Our best is all we can do, and all we can hold on to is each other. And, zounds, that is more than enough.” – Felicity, Lady’s Guide to Petticoats & Piracy

“We do it, Jackson because compassion must be louder than pride.” – Henry Flynn, Our Dark Duet

“…but life doesn’t always honor plans…” – Henry Flynn, Our Dark Duet

“But we all want stupid things. That doesn’t mean we should have them.” – Jude, The Cruel Prince

“But a knife ain’t just a thing, is it? It’s a choice, it’s something you DO. A knife says yes or no, die or don’t. A knife takes a decision out of your hand and puts it in the world and it never goes back again.” -The Knife of Never Letting Go

“Wait, for now. Distrust everything, if you have to. But trust the hours. Haven’t they carried you everywhere, up to now?” – A Study in Charlotte

“Fear is only your enemy if you allow it to be. Too much fear and you’re paralyzed, too little fear and you’re arrogant.” – Teluman, An Ember in the Ashes

“Grandpa said it’s always better to be shot at for who you are than hugged for who you aren’t.” – LIFEL1K3


“About whether your past makes you what you are. That’s all our memories are, right? The pieces of our yesterdays that make us who we are today? So you’ve had some bad days, no doubt. But I figure, instead of letting your yesterdays bring you down, maybe you can concentrate on building some happier memories today. And that way you’ll have them for tomorrow?” – Lemon Fresh, LIFEL1K3

“You’re alive, Bod. That means you have infinite potential. You can do anything, make anything, dream anything. If you change the world, the world will change. Potential.” – Silas, The Graveyard Book

“Blessing and curse are different words for the same thing.” – Yuri, King of Scars

“If we don’t dream, who will?” – Isaak, King of Scars

“We never know what life will throw at us, Lemon. We can never know where it will lead us. But we can know ourselves. And in knowing ourselves, we know the world.” – Major, DEV1AT3

“New tastes are like new ideas, young man – the older you get, the more difficult they are for you to stomach.” – Mennis, Mistborn The Final Empire

“The right belief is like a good cloak, I think. If it fits you well, it keeps you warm and safe. The wrong fit however, can suffocate.” – Sazed, Mistborn The Final Empire

“There is beauty in compassion, but one must learn wisdom, too.” Sazed, Mistborn The Final Empire

“You wanted to feel alive, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re monster or human. Living hurts.” – Kate Harker, This Savage Song

“The key to speaking a new language is to be bold instead of perfect.” – Less

“Strange to be almost fifty, no? I feel like I just understood how to be young.”

“Yes! It’s like the last day in a foreign country. You finally figure out where to get coffee, and drinks, and a good steak. And then you have to leave. And you won’t ever be back.”

– Less

“When no one understands, that’s usually a good sign that you’re wrong.” – Vicious


💘On Love & Loss💔

“I thought I had long ago cut Johanna from me like a cancer, but you cannot simply hack yourself apart in hopes of healing faster.” – Felicity, Lady’s Guide to Petticoats & Piracy

“How is it, I wonder, that the brain and the heart can be so at odds and yet have such a profound effect upon the functions of the other?” – Felicity, Lady’s Guide to Petticoats & Piracy

“A wildflower. The kind that are strong enough to stand against wind, rare and difficult to find and impossible to forget. Something men walk continents to find.” – Sim, Lady’s Guide to Petticoats & Piracy

“Mind over penis.” – Khai, The Bride Test

“So you’ve just decided? I didn’t think it worked like that. I thought love was supposed to happen when you least expect it, like a sap to the skull.” – Jude, The Cruel Prince

“…the lesson of forever and ever is that knowing a man’s mind ain’t knowing the man.” – The Knife of Never Letting Go

“It will get better. You’ll never forget them, not even after years. But one day, you’ll go a whole minute without feeling the pain. Then an hour. A day. That’s all you can ask for, really. You’ll heal. I promise.” – Keenan to Laia, An Ember in the Ashes

“She didn’t say a word; Lem knew sometimes the best thing in the world was a good cry. The tears washing you clean, letting you start fresh. Hollowing yourself out so you could begin again.” – LIFEL1K3

“It’s simple to love someone on the days that are easy. But you find out what you love is made of on the days that are hard.” – Ezekiel, LIFEL1K3

“To see the ocean once is to learn how to miss it.” – Mistress Coyle, The Ask and The Answer

“Affection’s a two-way street, son. Anything else is just obsession.” – Preacher, DEV1AT3

“But we’re gonna do it together. And we’re gonna make it work. You and me and history, remember? We’re just gonna fucking fight. Because you’re it, okay? I’m never gonna love anybody in the world like I love you. So, I promise you, one day we’ll be able to just be, and fuck everyone else.” – Red, White, & Royal Blue

“I’m not really sure why. But… do you stop loving someone just because they betray you? I don’t think so. That’s what makes the betrayal hurt so much – pain, frustration, anger… and I still loved her. I still do.” – Kelsier, Mistborn The Final Empire

“I think given the choice between loving Mare – betrayal included – and never knowing her, I’d choose love. I risked, and I lost, but the risk was still worth it. It’s the same with my friends. Suspicion is healthy in our profession – but only to an extent. I’d rather trust my men than worry about what will happen if they turn on me.” – Kelsier, Mistborn The Final Empire

“When will you stop worrying and simply let yourself be loved?”

Vin shook her head. “It’s not that easy.”

“Few things are. Yet, I tell you this, Lady Vin. Love must be allowed to flow both ways – if it is not, then it is not truly love, I think. It is something else. Infatuation, perhaps? Either way, there are some of us who are far too quite to make martyrs of ourselves. We stand to the side, watching, thinking that we do the right thing by inaction. We fear pain – our own, or that of another.”

-Vin & Sazed, Mistborn The Well of Ascension

“She told me she met the love of her life. You read poems about it, you hear stories about it, you hear Sicilians talk about being struck by lightning. We know there’s no love of your life. Love isn’t terrifying like that. It’s walking the fucking dog so the other one can sleep in, it’s doing taxes, it’s cleaning the bathroom without hard feelings. It’s having an ally in life. It’s not fire, it’s not lightning. It’s what she always had with me. Isn’t it? But what if she’s right, Arthur? What if the Sicilians are right? That it’s this earth-shattering thing she felt? Something I’ve never felt.” – Less


I hope you found ones that resonated with you! And if some of them piqued your interest enough, try researching the book I got it from! It might be your cup of tea! Feel free to ask me about them, too, if you’re interested!


Goodbye, 2019! And I think I’m ready for you, 2020! Bring it on! 😆


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